Fundraiser: EarthRights International

February 28, 2021 - Santa Fe, NM - Fundraisers

On Sunday, February 28th, 2021, we launched an exclusive capsule of US-made RealTree Tsuno Bags to benefit EarthRights International.

100% of profits will go to the EarthRights 501(c)(3) non-profit. These 25 bags are fabricated with a RealTree 12oz canvas, and are both milled and made in the United States. With calls from litter control to dodging the draft, these bags are decorated with vintage anti-war and environmentalist patches. They also feature a water-based peace sign screenprint. We encourage you to further customize your bag upon receiving.

In our previous fundraiser, we focused on organizations within our immediate community. From animal rights to legal representation and park protection, we are so grateful for your generous contributions to these organizations in New York and the greater United States. Now, we want to extend our support to our international community for environmental safekeeping.

EarthRights International is a humanitarian organization that provides legal action and infrastructure guidance to communities who need support in defending their causes against predatory governments and corporations. Their cases span big oil in Africa to agribusiness in South America and the SEC in the states.

 Operating as a non-profit for over 25 years, EarthRights International work has included:

  • Documenting and publicizing human rights and environmental abuses to draw attention and support from other communities throughout the world.
  • Organizing human rights and environmental activist communities to hold corporations accountable for unfair human rights, labor, and environmental practices.
  • Litigating in U.S. courts on behalf of people around the world whose rights have been violated by governments and/or transnational corporations. For example. they brought the landmark lawsuit, Doe v. Unocal Corp., for abuses against villagers in Burma including forced relocation, forced labor, and torture.
  • Teaching people, especially those living under repressive regimes, about their rights to a healthy and safe environment. They train villagers and refugees to testify for the United Nations and other international agencies, exposing abuses. Additionally, they run EarthRights Schools for activists in Southeast Asia and in the Amazon, empowering people to continue to defend their environmental and human rights.Please visit their website to learn more about their work.

Please visit their website to learn more about their work.