Garment Rebirth Program

January 10th, 2024 – New York City, NY

Through indigo, we can create pleasure from clothing while honoring the old.

Uncannily, as our team prepped to launch the Garment Rebirth Program, a project which salvages old clothing, our New York office caught fire. Little did we know, our research into revitalization was preparing us for such unexpected chaos. New year has always been a poignant time to reflect, but when that introspection is of utmost neccessity, it changes the entire approach. What initially existed as a project exploring consumer relationships to clothing became one that questioned our very position in the world. We're eager to see how Garment Rebirth may strengthen your relationship to clothing and shift your world view.

Here's our goal: blastover your preloved clothing with natural indigo to help you see it again for the first time. Perhaps new clothing is unneccessary to feel beautilful, and we can nurture that excitement by saving something which lived in the shadow of history. 

The process is simple. Select your garment categories on the product page. We'll automatically send you a shipping label, and once received, we will dye your garment an idyllic blue. When selecting the clothing you want to bring back to life, consider composition, color, fabric, seam construction, and weight. All of these will impact your final look and price of your order. We also recommend teaming up with friends and family; send us a communal box of all your goods to gain access to wholesale pricing.

If you garments have an oil stain (sometimes appearing only after dye jobs are complete), we will complimentary tiedye or shibori dye your item to cover it up. Look out for email updates from our team! This hand dyed indigo process takes up to 4 weeks. Once your garments have their newfound personality, we'll immediately ship them back to you including a patch and pin of honor.


Left: sneakers before and after indigo dye. Right: Nathan dyeing exclusive Sole in Viaggio Jeans.

The only question remaining: why is a blue overdye neccessary in order to reengage and fall back in love with our old clothing? Is it the novelty? Is it upcycling and it's impact on identity maintenence? Or is it merely the beauty, naturality, and history of indigo?

We want to thank you for all of your support and input into Garment Rebirth.

Our best,