GROUND COVER is a footwear, accessory, and homegood brand with ethical production at its core.

When Avery Ginsberg began to lead a plant-based lifestyle in 2017, he looked everywhere for a sustainable and built-to-last work boot free of animal cruelty. After coming up blank, he decided to create his own. With form following function, GROUND COVER was born to produce robust, versatile footwear and accessories.

We vow to use the most sustainable, long-lasting materials and support the most forward-thinking developments in textiles, manufacturing, packaging, and fulfillment. We will never use animal products nor discard unsold merchandise. We pledge to continuously improve our sustainability measures with every GROUND COVER endeavor.



Cofounded genderless and ethically-produced clothing brand Staatsballett (2017)

Created and operates plant-based food blog Song From Forest Floor (2019)

Graduated with a bachelor's degree in entrepreneurship and sustainability from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University (2018)

Represented by The Society Management and Elite Worldwide Group (2019)

"In 5th grade, I swore I ran a footwear company. I was contacting real businesses right and left with the most hilarious ‘shoe designs.’ In middle school, I took a step closer to the real deal and started hand-painting friends’ and family’s shoes. It has strangely always been a part of my life; from an early age, shoes were a method of expression - of differentiation. After working on my clothing brand, which I viewed as pure self expression, I craved developing a product with functionality at its core. I wanted to pursue a true physiological need. I have been leading a plant-based lifestyle for 3 years now, and one thing I could never find were versatile and purposeful boots free from animal products. Any pairs I found were colorful, bubbly, used veganism as a marketing ploy, and were made of plastic. I wanted to challenge that. I guess it all just made sense. My experiences, strange passions, and skill set all lined up. In fact, I originally sourced this fabric 3 years ago for my clothing brand, but I never put it to use. I just knew it was the one. Years later and pineapple-based boots are just around the corner.”