Last updated: August 28th, 2022 (10:16 PM EST)

Ground Cover is a (very small, very motivated!) two person team seeking additional support in production management, finance, marketing, product development, and customer relations. While experience with Excel sheets, database software, supply chain systems, and other corresponding programs are beneficial, we are above all looking for someone with a fiery curiosity for functional and circular fashion! Do not hesitate to drop us a line. Please include your related experience, interest in the field, and a bio. We appreciate your time and look forward to speaking!

Production Management

Our largest bottle neck is maintaining a consistent inventory flow. Working towards circular products with many factories spreads our team too thin, and we need consistent communication in order to build stronger relationships with fewer factories. This role would sculpt the products from concepting all the way to warehousing. You will develop new supply chains and manage those that exist for footwear, accessories, and clothing. You will experience the tentacles of production managment reaching into any and all areas.

  • Communicate directly with factories
  • Nurse products through the supply chain
  • Source fabrics, trims, and packaging
  • Input feedback into product development
  • Research new fabric, manufacturing, and product lifecycle technologies
  • Vet factories for ethical production processes
  • Aid garment worker organizations

Customer Relations + Marketing

Currently, while we should be responding to our factories we are having conversations with our customers. We absolutely love this; it is a beautiful dilemma to have! But, production is often at a standstill in result. This is an entry level and uplifting position for those who want to gain broader experience in the field. We are looking for someone to manage our social media, newsletter, and customer service. Whilst this is your main focus, our close-knit team structure will allow you to dip your toes in product development, creative direction, accounting, and many other fields.

  • Build relationships with customers
  • Assess peoples loves and hates with Ground Cover products
  • Manage product take back loops from customers to develop new yarns
  • Create newsletter write ups and layouts
  • Plan image rollout timeline
  • Lead SEO, Instagram, and other marketing campaigns
  • Fundraise for local, regional, and international organizations


One of our employees manages accounting, finance, and customer service. The straight-forward numbers behind our cost of goods are well accounted for, but there is a lack of depth in forecasting and growth analysis. How much should we invest in each product/project? Is there a way to quantify repairs and product recycling? How can we best position ourselves as we get pegged into the startup world? If these questions fire you up, this is the role for you.

  • Forecast production quantities
  • Budget products, projects, and quarterly goals
  • Valuate marketing campaigns
  • Calculate cost of goods and overhead
  • Colaborate with production management and markerting