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# GI - 6001 - 20 - 285
# GI - 6001 - 20 - 285
# GI - 6001 - 20 - 285
# GI - 6001 - 20 - 285
# GI - 6001 - 20 - 285
# GI - 6001 - 20 - 285
# GI - 6001 - 20 - 285
# GI - 6001 - 20 - 285
# GI - 6001 - 20 - 285
# GI - 6001 - 20 - 285
# GI - 6001 - 20 - 285
# GI - 6001 - 20 - 285

# GI - 6001 - 20 - 285

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Oldschool boxing sweatshirt fit. Raglan sleeves for arm mobility. Snug ribbing to keep sweatshirt at waist. Mid-weight recycled cotton terry. Milled and made in Los Angeles. Dyed with chestnuts in Pennsylvania. Rust orange with an earthy pink hue. Botanical dye will fade and develop texture with wear and wash. Hues vary w/ XL and XXL being the lightest. Biodegradable and recyclable at end of life.



100% Recycled Cotton – 12.5 Oz Terry

Milled in Los Angeles, CA



100% Recycled Cotton – 1x1 Rib

Milled in Los Angeles, CA



100% US Cotton

Milled in Los Angeles, CA



100% Organic Cotton

Grown and spun in Texas




Free from heavy metal mordants

Sourced from the US


Care Instructions: Hand wash in cool water with natural soap. Line dry out of direct sunlight.


Our sweatshirts run small. They have a short torso with a slim waistband, but have a wide chest with long arms. Go true to size or one up for an athletic fit. Take two sizes up for a relaxed oversized fit. Please reference the chart below and compare to sweatshirts you own. We are a small team and are not accepting returns at this time. Thank you for your interest and support!



Dom wears a size XL and is 6' with an average build

Lauren wears a size S and is 5' 3" with a small build

Curtis wears a size XXL and is 6' with a strong build

Avery wears a size L and is 6'3 with a slim build


SizePit to PitLength from HPSBottom OpeningSleeve LengthNeck



These sweatshirts are sewn by Nana Atelier and dyed by Green Matters Natural Dye Company.


Nana Atelier is an outlier in Los Angeles; they are proving that non-piece-rate, full time, and benefits provided work can flourish in the garment district. Here, garment workers are paid $14-20 an hour compared to UCLA's published average of $5.15 in Los Angeles. It is a beautiful space with a wonderful team that has an expertise in single stitch construction. Learn more about their work by clicking here. 


Green Matters Natural Dye Company is a seven person team in Pennsylvania pioneering botanical pigments for small batch production. They rely on rain water collection for powering their dyes, and convert their dye remnants into fertilizer for local farms. Learn more about their work by clicking here.



From yarn to tag, our sweatshirts are made with cotton. When a product is developed, its fiber composition and trim complexity will dictate if and how we can up/downcycle the garment at end of life. The absence of synthetic trims and thread allows for the sweatshirt to be mechanically broken down. Opposed to the chemical alternative (many garments are too complex for even this), this cotton will easily be shredded and spun into a new yarn.


When your sweatshirt reaches an unwearable state, please email to recycle. We will not accept any hoodies which are functional or easily repairable. Though, we are happy to help with the latter! It is important that this circular system is not abused and products are designed to last. Read more about circular fashion by clicking here.



Our sweatshirts are delivered in a 100% organic cotton produce bag. These are grown, milled, and made in Mexico. The thread is also cotton so all of the above applies. They are then shipped in a post-consumer kraft mailer. Please reuse these until rendered functionless. Then, recycle or compost.

✓ Botanical dye job

✓ 100% recycled and recyclable

✓ Produced in a factory you'd be comfortable working

✓ Spun, milled, cut, sewn, recycled, and warehoused in the US 

...and it just so happens to be a lush midweight terry hoodie with a beautiful earthen color and functional cut

✓ Dyed with organic matter

✓ Recycled waste is turned into new yarn

✓ Made from 100% recycled natural fibers

✓ Produced in a factory that you'd be comfortable working

✓ Designed to be taken back and recycled once unwearable

✓ Spun, milled, cut, sewn, recycled and warehoused in the US 

...and it just so happens to be a lush midweight terry hoodie with a beautiful earthen color and functional cut.

Wondering about fit? Here are some real people wearing our hoodies.

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